Cooling tunnel & belt cooler.

Kühltunnel & Bandkühler.
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Belt cooler

The LCM belt cooler has been specially developed to cool larger quantities of chocolate bars or other shapes in the smallest possible space. The different variants can be found under the technical data.



Product description

  • Cooling takes place on several floors
  • The throughput time can be set individually for each floor
  • The LCM belt cooler can be customized in length, width and throughput capacity


  • PLC control with screen for convenient operation and menu navigation
  • Different setting values (recipes) are freely programmable for each belt individually
  • 3 individually driven stainless steel mesh belts on top of each other for an optimal air circulation for cooling also from the bottom side
  • The transport unit with the mesh belts is made of stainless steel as a tubular frame construction and can be completely removed from the cabinet for easy cleaning
  • The machine is completely insulated in the cold zone with 25mm thick washable panels.
  • With a cycle time of 30 min at approx. 8°C, approx. 200 boards can be cooled on three levels in 60 min.

Technical data

Width (cm)Depth (cm)Height (cm)el. Connection (V/kW)empty weight (kg)
LCM 400 BKS 3-1400-46091127400/4,0600
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