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Machine factory for the chocolate craft

LCM is known worldwide as a manufacturer of tempering and enrobing machines. From all over Europe, via Dubai, Japan and China, to the USA and Canada, we equip bakers, confectioners and the small industry in their production plants or open show productions - and this for more than 20 years already.

LCM customers appreciate what they get from LCM: a high-quality planned and carefully processed, durable product as well as a very good service. LCM customers see the production time as well as the price of an LCM machine as an investment in the impact of their own production.

What we work for every day

At LCM, we work every day to make our customers' daily work easier with high-quality chocolate processing machines. The continuity of LCM tempering increases the productivity of our customers and ensures a consistent chocolate quality in the working process.

The quality of our customers' craftsmanship and the productivity of our LCM chocolate machines are a solution for the future.



At LCM, you don't just buy a chocolate machine. You will be advised in detail, we will plan your machine individually, program the control system - and all this on our premises in the south of Germany.
Thanks to the compatibility of the various components, your machine can be flexibly expanded. The easy manageability does not stop after daily use - one of the great advantages of our LCM machines: All of them are particularly easy and comprehensive to clean.

If something does need to be replaced, we guarantee to have it in our spare parts warehouse. Even for the very first LCM machine from the year 2000, we still have every spare part.

All this is service and quality for us, which you can claim and experience with the purchase of your LCM machine.

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Our story

LCM Schokoladenmaschinen GmbH is a German family-owned company. Since its foundation in 2000, the company has been owner-managed. The two Leute brothers at the top of the company together with their employees ensure the development and production of high-quality chocolate machines for bakeries, confectioneries and the small-scale industry.

At LCM, "Made in Germany" stands for reliability and applies to the complete process chain and the entire life cycle of LCM machines. Even for the first machines manufactured by LCM, all spare parts are still available from stock and service is available on site.

Our team

LCM is us: A team of visionaries and doers who design and manufacture the perfect machine for your chocolate products. Together we work to ensure that you can offer your customers only the best products. Productivity and reliability are what set us apart.


Insights into our daily work

This is how we work in our production facility in Grünkraut-Gullen near Lake Constance:

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