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Cooling tunnel

LCM cooling tunnels are a useful addition to the LCM coating machines. The product placed on the coating machine can be packed and picked directly at the end of the cooling tunnel - this enables an economical way of chocolate processing with high throughput quantities. The different variants can be found under technical data.



Product description

  • The length of the cooling tunnels is manufactured individually according to customer requirements, taking into account products, throughput speed and available space
  • The cooling temperature and humidity in the tunnel are individually adjustable


  • PLC control system, with 10" glass screen for convenient operation and menu navigation.
  • Synchronized speed with the current coating machines ATC with SPS control system
  • Decoration area 1 meter, take-off length 1.0 meter (can be changed on customer request at extra charge)
  • Release device - (breaking stage) 1.1 meter before the end of the belt (can be changed on customer's request at extra charge)
  • display, measurement and regulation of air humidity by means of sophisticated control of additional heating elements - this means that even with the smallest amount of products passing through the tunnel, there is no moisture in the tunnel, thus ensuring excellent gloss of the products from the very beginning
  • Display of humidity in %, working or cooling temperature up to 15°C - with optional equipment up to 5°C
  • Passive floor cooling
  • Fan for extremely gentle air circulation in the tunnel
  • Straight run control electronically via sensors and servomotors
  • Safety shutdown for conveyor belt runners
  • Speed infinitely variable via wear-free three-phase geared motor
  • Cooling tunnel segments completely made of stainless steel, insulated, removable and very easy to clean - from the outside as well as from the inside
  • For easy cleaning, the drain table can also be opened very easily on the underside
  • The drive roller and the deflection rollers can be easily dismantled for thorough cleaning of the belt
  • Refrigeration unit with control electronics in separate mobile trolley for trouble-free and easy service
  • Cooling unit with heat exchanger easily accessible for regular cleaning
  • Connection to cold water circuit or refrigeration system on request

Technical data

Voltage (V)Current (A)Power (kW)Working height (cm)
LCM CTB400163,397
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